Boy, born 2011
Down syndrome

Listed: Dec 2019

Update from Jan 2020:
Handsome Harley is described as a sunny, active, passionate, kind, and helpful little boy! He is a very happy boy who loves to smile. Harley likes helping other children who have physical limitations in any way that he can. When he sees his teacher busy with children who are physically weaker, he will give her a hand. He often helps push one child in a wheelchair and helps pull another child to get to and from school. Harley likes singing and dancing! He has a strong music sense and good imitating abilities. Harley’s gross motor skills are good too. He can catch a ball and his favorite outdoor activities are throwing sand bags or colorful balls. Harley also likes picking vegetables and fruits in the garden with his friends. Harley has made great improvement with his language skills since coming into care. He can count from 1-10 clearly with the teacher. By age seven, he could say some simple daily words under the teacher and mom’s patient guidance, such as: “take the candy,” “I am Harley,” etc. He can use simple words, sentences, and gestures to express his needs. When his teacher asks, “Who is your good friend, Harley?” he will point at DZ and say loudly, “DZ!” If other children scream, he will imitate his teacher and, though not clearly, he will say “softly and slowly.” He is currently learning to use personal pronouns for daily communication, such as: me and you.

At school, Harley can raise his hand and answer questions actively when asked. He positively participates in activities. He is said to like to ask the teacher questions to get to the bottom of things if it was something he did not understand. Harley’s concentration has improved too. He can listen to other children’s self introductions quietly, can identify a circle and a triangle, and can find similar shapes around him. Harley is said to be very warm towards his foster mom, teacher, and friends. When he sees his foster mom or teacher’s disheveled hair, he can help manage their hair. Harley was born with Down syndrome, but he most certainly was born with a heart of gold! It is our hope that Harley’s family sees him soon. He is certain to be a blessing!

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Harley’s adoption, with a specific adoption agency.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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