Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

There are several videos available of Leann!

This precious little girl is Leann! Leann is said to be a sweet, enthusiastic, and active little girl who has a pair of watery eyes and two lovely dimples on her face when she smiles. In regards to her motor development, Leann has good physical development. She is able to go up and down stairs alone. She can hold a pen with a full hand and imitate drawing vertical lines and crosses. Leann is helpful with setting up exercises during the break. She claps her hands, sings, and follows the teacher and the music when exercising. She is very focused and can immerse herself in things she likes for a long time. Leann is fond of drawing and is so careful in each drawing class. She always enjoys drawing class! Leann loves to play shadow games too. Every time she goes outside, she likes to do hand movements in the sun while observing her own shadows and hand movements.

Compared to other children with Down syndrome, Leann’s language expression is better. She is fond of imitating sounds and words the teacher says. She can say baba, mama, jiejie, ayi, and gainai clearly, repeating the teacher. She is able to sing familiar songs and can state other children’s names in the class. Leann observes the details and emotions around her and understands instructions from her teacher and caretaker. She can open the door, close the door, wash her hands, eat a meal, and put on her shoes without help. She always puts her shoes in the designated location on her own initiative before going to sleep. Her caretaker will gesture to give her a kiss and she kisses her cheek right away. The caretaker will then say “the other side?” Leann then kisses the other side of her cheek! It’s so sweet and cute!

Leann is studying in a preschool class. She goes to class and plays well with the other children. She actively responds to the teacher in class. Leann is happy to help the teachers and children around her. She helps the caretaker to set out chairs for children on her own initiative before the meal and also helps the children to bring clothes and shoes. She is rich in emotion. Leann laughs happily when she is happy. She is excited when she meets her familiar teacher and caretakers and when she sees her favorite snacks. Leann is silent when she is unhappy and will sulk in the corner. She will cry if she does something wrong and the teacher criticizes her. In class, she is unhappy if she doesn’t get the teacher’s praise. Leann has high self-esteem and she is going to thrive in a loving family! We can’t wait to see who that lucky family will be!

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