Girl, born 2011

Madeline is an adorable little girl with a beautiful smile! Madeline recently spent a year at a foster home for blind and visually impaired orphans. Staff at the foster home said, “Watching Madeline blossom from an overly timid and scared child into a lively and happy little girl has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Madeline is still shy, but she has the sweetest smile when she accomplishes something new. She was very nervous the first time we took her to the pool, but after a few seconds with her feet in the water she was ready to jump right in! I’ve never seen her happier than when she’s playing in the pool. Madeline loves hugs and kisses, when she hears the voice of someone she loves she will call out to great them and walk over for a hug. She will bring so much brightness and love to a forever family.”

Madeline was learning cane skills and can navigate short routes on her own, and longer routes with someone telling her where to go. She can express her basic needs such as when she is hungry, thirsty or needs to go to the bathroom, but only when she is asked directly. Madeline follows directions and is clearly very smart, but selective about when she speaks. Towards the end of her time at the foster home, Madeline was starting to speak spontaneously and in more complex sentences, as she felt safe there. She was also learning English and had fantastic pronunciation. Madeline was recalled to her orphanage and she desperately needs a family to get to her so she doesn’t regress from all that she had gained!

December 2019 Written Update:
Self-care: She can walk, run under the guidance of someone else, brush her teeth, wash her face, and eat by herself with a spoon. However, food sometimes drops mid-way due to her vision issue. She can use the toilet on her own, but she needs adults to take her to the toilet.

Emotion: She likes to give hugs to those she knows well. She wants hugs from others too. She is very close to her foster mom and her teachers. She trusts and relies on those she knows. She usually keeps a stable mood, but when she cannot find the toys she wants, she will get upset and anxious.

Cognition: She can tell different people apart by listening to their voice and she knows what she wants or doesn’t want. She also knows if she needs to go to the toilet. Under the guidance of her teachers, she can count numbers and recite poems and three-character sutras.

Speech: She says hello to the teacher and goodbye when she leaves. She can complete simple dialogue with the teacher or foster parents. When you ask her simple questions, she will respond to you. She can introduce herself.  Motor: She can walk independently under the guidance of adults and can run and jump with support of a hand. Her hands grasp things very well. She can play with toys and construction blocks. She can ride a twist car and follow the music to do morning exercises.  Many videos of Madeline are available!

Madeline has a $5,000 Bright Futures Agency Grant with Madison Adoption Associates.

$22.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!