Girl, born 2007
Spina Bifida (post-op)

Simone is an amazing and beautiful girl who is described by her caretakers as gentle, cute, diligent, and honest. Simone is attending school and is said to recognize and understand things quickly and have a quick response. She listens carefully and follows the teachers’ directions. Simone takes part in group activities and gets along well with the other kids. She is a bit more reserved when it comes to working or interacting with adults or children she does not know, though she would not refuse to work with them. Despite being quiet, she is said to have rich inner emotions. Simone has a strong self-esteem and is willing to admit her mistakes and make corrections. She likes to share with others when she has received praise from her teachers. She is obedient and is willing to help others. Simone is independent in her care. She can feed herself, put on and take off her own clothes and shoes, comb her hair, wash her face, brush her teeth, take a bath, and go to the toilet on her own. Simone is diagnosed with post-op spina bifida. Though her spina bifida does not affect her gross motor skills, she is incontinent. This may be the very thing that has caused her to wait all these years, but it should not be. Simone is an all-around awesome young lady with so much to offer the world! Her forever family has been missing out, but we know they are out there!

MANY videos available.  A specific adoption agency has a $1000 grant offered for her adoption.

$445.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!