Boy born 2017
Down syndrome

Listed: Oct 2019

Look at the smile on Dax! Isn’t he the cutest?  In August of 2018 the orphanage staff said the following: Dax is an active, outgoing and optimistic child. He gets along well with others and is so adored. Motor skills and fine motor skills: he is able to turn his head to left and right side freely; he can hold his head up while lying on the stomach; he can roll over freely, can stand for a moment with hands holding the support. He is very naughty and always puts his hands into his mouth. He is wonderful, he can clap his hands and beat the toy; he can grasp the object with his thumb and other fingers.

He knows to locate the direction of sounds, can visually move follow the moving people or object; he can grasp and beat the toy with hands, or put the toy into his mouth to bite; sometimes he clasps the object directly.  Dax knows to get the adult’s attention by crying so that his needs are met. He laughs loudly when happy; he listens to the adult carefully when he is cuddled. He begins to babble. At the same time he makes two or more words, such as da-da-da, a-ba-ba; he recognizes his familiar sounds. Dax is outgoing, optimistic and active; he enjoys that someone is speaking to him.  Could you be the family for this much adored child?

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