Girl, born 2017
Down syndrome

Listed: Oct 2019

Darling Daisy!  Her information is quite current and says the following: At the age of 1-2m has a little movement but is liable to get frightened. At the age of 3-4m able to gaze at you while you held her. At the age of 5-6m able to raise head for 2 seconds while lying on stomach, able to smile when teased. At the age of 7-8m able to turn to the side, began to be able to recognize people. At the age of 9-10m able to hold toys with both hands at the same time, able to look at you when being talked to. At the age of 11-12m able to turn over easily, crawl, stand with support. At the age of 1.5y learned to walk, was close to the caretaker who took care of her. Now Daisy is able to walk alone, utter syllables such as baba, dada etc. understand simple words, gets along well with children and caretakers. Could you be this precious one’s family?

Video available.

$1,230.60 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!