Boy: 2017

Listed: 2019

Diagnosis: Spastic CP


Aaron has increased muscle tone in all 4 limbs. A physical therapist is working with him daily to stretch his muscles to help improve his ability to move. He can roll from his stomach to his back and control his head movements. He will hold a toy if it’s placed in his hands. He responds to tactile stimulation and enjoys attention from caregivers. He cries when he needs his diaper changed or when he wants attention. He loves being held in a “cradle” position and will smile and respond to the caregivers. He turns his head toward voices.

Photos and videos from September 2019 are available through the agency.


*** I am eligible for a $2,000 Grant! ***This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding.

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