Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome, CHD (ASD)

Peeta is a cutie pie! At the time his file was prepared (January of 2017), Peeta could walk independently. When he was happy, Peeta would wave his hands and shake his head. He liked playing with adults, watching cartoons, listening to music, and playing with toys that make sound. At three years of age, Peeta was put in a special school to learn how to eat independently, drink with a glass, toilet train, and improve his gross and fine motor skills. Speaking of eating, Peeta sure likes to eat! He would use a certain sound when walking around to get the nannies to feed the kids more and smile when he was given a snack. He gets mad if he isn’t given a snack though. Peeta had a very quick response when his name is called and h was very cooperative with getting dressed. Peeta sounds like he was doing quite well overall, but we’re hoping for an update for him and a forever family too!

There is a $2,500 agency grant for Peeta’s adoption with a specific adoption agency.

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