Girl, born 2017
Down syndrome, hearing loss

Listed: Oct 2019

Tinsley is a beautiful little girl, with Down syndrome and significant hearing loss in both ears. Tinsley can turn her head from side to side, roll over, and kick her legs and wave her arms. She looks at the nanny’s face when she is being cuddled and will smile back at her nanny when her nanny smiles at her. Tinsley will cry when she wants to be cuddled and quiets down quickly once held. Her nanny describes her as so very lovely! When Tinsley is happy, she will babble, sticks out her tongue, or chuckle. Tinsley loves to take a bath! Slapping the water and splashing around makes her so happy. Tinsley would thrive in a family who could teach her sign language to help her communicate. Could that family be yours?

There is a $3,500 agency grant for Tinsley’s adoption with a specific adoption agency.

$1,252.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!