Boy: 2015

Diagnosis: under developed receptive and expressive speech; hypothyroidism; surgical history of hernia repair and to correct an undescended testicle; delays in development

Listed: Oct 2019

Edward was recently moved into a group home where he’s receiving very good care. He’s attending a kindergarten in the local community with typically developing peers from the neighborhood. This allows him to be around children who are being raised in families and to participate in age appropriate learning and activities. He enjoys riding in the car and attending kindergarten each day and the staff reports that he is doing very well in this environment.


Edward is very social and enjoys interacting with both adults and other children. While his speech is delayed, he can say a few words, and will answer questions or indicate his wants/needs using gestures, sounds, pointing or showing you an object. Since being placed in the group home, he’s learned to feed and dress himself. He loves listening to music and will make sounds to match the tone of the music. He is familiar with his environment and can navigate his living area independently. He walks, runs, and plays with toys.

Videos taken in September 2019 show him engaged with the adults in the video, answering questions, and playing with a Spiderman toy.

Photos and videos from Sept 2019 are available through the agency.

*** Edward has received a $2,000 Grant! ***

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