Boy, born 2018
Down syndrome

Vaughn is a precious little boy! In August of 2018, he entered into an early education program. Vaughn is cared for by one primary teacher during the day. He waves his hands and makes happy sounds when he takes a bath. Vaughn can kneel with the guidance of his therapist. He has a gentle personality and likes to be cuddled. Vaughn smiles regularly and laughs when teased. He makes good eye contact and says hello to familiar people. Vaughn can clap his hands and he likes all kinds of colorful toys that make sound. He likes to play with the other children and loves when they talk to him and play games like hide-and-seek with him. When he is communicating with the other children, Vaughn always stares at them and laughs at times. He is such a happy boy! It is our hope that Vaughn finds his forever family while he is still so young!

There is a $2,500 agency grant Vaughn’s adoption with his current adoption agency.

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