Boys: 2011, 2013

Listed: Sept 2019

These adorable brothers are active, fun, rarely sick, interested and curious. They have never had anything that resembles a family so they will need structure. Aggy attended Kindergarten and will be in a first grade class this year. His challenges are in the light range. If you did not read his diagnosis, you would not notice any differences between he and his brother. Even in a group of kindergarteners he does not stand out as handicapped physically or mentally. He does show some signs of ADHD “type” behavior but many of our children present as ADHD until they are in a stable family environment. He had plastic surgery to correct a cleft lip in 2014. He has a type of scoliosis and wears glasses. Iggy has a diagnosis of nearsightedness and astigmatism and he also wears glasses. Both boys have general good health and good teeth. The boys are in a wonderful orphanage that is structured in family groups.

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