The Hopkins family has been in process for nearly two years to bring Knox home. As travel to his country is still on hold, due to the COVID pandemic, they pray nightly to bring him home. Because of participating in a recent hosting program, and while they are waiting, they have chosen to embark on a second adoption. They are working hard in anticipation of having both of their children home in 2022.

Roderick and Melissa have been happily married for over ten years and reside in a small town in Illinois with their five wonderful children Adeson (14), Emery (13), Jacob (11), Ella Grace (9) and Casey(7). Four of their five children were adopted internationally, two from China and two from Ethiopia. Rod and Melissa have been committed to adoption, and both they and their extended families have been foster parents, adoptive parents, and advocates for humanitarian and children’s rights. They are also parents to Melissa’s seven children from her first marriage of 17 years Brandon (36), Ryan (deceased), Alex (27), Matthew (26), Sara (22), Emily (19) and Antonio (19), Alex, and Antonio were also adopted, one at age eight and one at age four from Russia and Guatemala. They believe their family is their calling and feel blessed to have had the blessing of family and friends throughout their life journey.

The cost and process of international adoption, while intimidating they believe is far worth the journey. Rod and Melissa believe that completing their family through adoption is the right thing for them and are very excited about bringing home their new son from Asia who they found through Reece’s Rainbow, whom they will call Noah, as well as now a second child from Portugal. If you can help them support their adoption journey, their family would be grateful.

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