Girl, born 2016
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect (VSD), umbilical hernia

Maura is a beautiful little girl! She is described as quiet, obedient, and smiley. Maura likes cloth books, being held by adults, and walking around. She is a good sleeper. At the time her file was prepared, Maura was not speaking yet, but was making sounds and using facial expressions to express herself. Maura’s file is a bit outdated, but her file did have these new photos. We’re working hard to try to get some video of her! Maura is certainly an adorable little girl who is going to bring so much joy to her forever family!

August 2019 Written Update: Maura’s diagnosis is Down syndrome, CHD (VSD), hernia, and development delay. The institute takes her to do regular heart echos. The most recent time, was in May, 2019. Her report revealed that she had ASD (II) and moderate tricuspid regurgitation. The hernia was not healed yet. Maura rarely has a cold or cough. In terms of motor skills, she has made good progress. She can crawl, sit alone, walk by holding the rail, and sit for 4-5 seconds. She can drink a bottle by herself and can put snacks in her mouth by herself. When you give her a bag of toys, she will put the bag on the table to observe what is inside. When you give her toys, she will put them in her mouth. When you tell her not to eat, she will stare at you as if she can understand you. When you teach her to play with toys, you need to guide her more and teach her a few more times. She will imitate your gesture and fling the bell. She is very interested in balls. When you put it in her hands, she will be very excited and will imitate you to throw the ball into your hand. In terms of language and social skills, Maura cannot speak yet. She will make some sounds to express her emotions and needs. Occasionally, she can make the sound of “mama.” She knows her name. When the nurse reads her name, she will respond. For example, you tell her “Maura, do not step on other kids.” She will stop. When she is happy, she will wave goodbye. She is happy, outgoing, and easygoing. She hopes to have her own loving family. Updated Measurements: Height: 81 cm, Weight: 11.5 kg, Head circ: 44 cm, Chest circ: 46 cm.

There is a $2,500 agency grant for Maura’s adoption with her current adoption agency.

$1,053.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!