Girl & boy, born 2005 & 2010

Listed: Aug 2019

This brother and sister pair share a strong bond. Kelsi is older than her brother Kameron by 5 years. She is a good student who works hard in school. She loves sports, especially soccer, and enjoys typical teenager activities such as hanging out with friends and listening to music.  These siblings have a history of abuse/trauma. More information available from the agency for serious inquiries.

Kelsi is described as respectful to authorities, calm, and kind. She is very attached to her brother and is protective over him. Kameron is the outgoing and extraverted one of the pair. He loves drawing, soccer and watching YouTube videos. Kameron presents some difficulties in speech and reading comprehension which causes him to struggle in school. He is receiving extra help in this area and is showing improvements – in fact, since learning he and his sister are candidates for adoption, Kameron has shown a greater interest and dedication to his school studies. Kelsi and Kameron need to be placed in a home together. Neither child received consistent schooling prior to entering into care so an adoptive family should be prepared to provide any necessary educational support and resources. It is important for Kelsi and Kameron to join a family with a calm and even-tempered father figure and it is best if there are no younger or vulnerable children in the home. Kelsi and Kameron dream of an adoptive family who will love and protect them for the rest of their lives.

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