Boy, born 2013
Congenital Heart Defect, neurogenic bladder

Listed: August 2019

Huxley is introverted, fairly quiet, smart and obedient. He’s shy and doesn’t have great communication yet. He doesn’t like to share with others and he will cry to get attention; if someone grabs his toy, he doesn’t know how to get it back and he only cries there. He has normal sleep and mainly has nutrition porridge.

At the age of 4 and a half, his gross motor ability is increasing, such as riding children’s bike, walking in a line, jumping with one feet and bouncing the ball; he also can help the caretaker to finish simple tasks. His language, understanding and expressions are all increasing; he is able to imitate animal’s sounds and actions.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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