Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

New videos & update from 2019!
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Della is an adorable little girl! She came into care at the approximate age of three. She is now almost 5 years old, and although her mental and language development is delayed, her mental is considered above average compared to other kids with Down syndrome of the same age. She is easygoing and obedient; she is easygoing most of the time. Della is busy, playful, and impatient. She is still in diapers. Her motor skills are pretty normal. She can walk, run, and go upstairs and downstairs. Her fine motor skills are good:  she can draw, not scribbling, and she can string beads and pick up tiny things, especially food.

We can’t wait to see her continue to make big gains in a loving family of her own!

There is a $2,500 agency grant for Della’s adoption with a specific adoption agency.

$1,516.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!