Boy, born 2016
Down syndrome, bilateral hearing loss

Listed: July 2019

Greyson is a precious little guy! A hearing test showed a 40dB threshold of the left ear and a 50dB threshold of the right ear. Greyson can hold his bottle to drink milk and he will open his hands and let the caretaker cuddle him when she comes by to take the bottle. He is very happy when he drinks up all his milk, but Greyson is happiest when his caretaker holds him! He also likes sitting in his caretaker’s arms and watching the other children play. He will clap several times when he’s happy. Greyson is a quiet and generally good-spirited little fella. He doesn’t cry when the caretaker changes his diaper. He quietly waits for his caretaker to hold him and, when she does, he will smile at her happily. Greyson loves taking a bath, patting the water surface with his hands. He will laugh happily when it splashes. Greyson is just the sweetest little guy and we hope his forever family will see him and get to him soon! Someone is missing out on these precious smiles and snuggles!

Greyson has a $3,500 agency grant for his adoption with his a specific adoption agency.

$26.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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