Boy, born 2009

Listed: June 2019

Updated pic January 2020

Congenital chromosomal condition

Severe mental retardation
Congenital malformations of palate
Other disorders of optic disc
Chronic inflammation of lacrimal passages

From a family who knows him: Even though Ravi spends most of his days in the same bed, staring at the same ceiling, he’s fascinated by everything that goes on around him. He loves the rare walks he gets outside in the summertime and being held up in the window to watch snow falling in winter. He obviously recognizes his favorite people and cries when they leave. He cannot sit up on his own, and seems to get tired even when held sitting for long. But he scoots all around in his bed, very actively turning his head to where his feet should be, or the other way around to see and hear everything. He is completely non-verbal. Ravi really needs a family and a chance to get out into the world that fascinates him so much!


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