Boy: 2017

Listed: June 2019

Diagnosis: Congenital abnormality of the central nervous system – hydrocephalus permagna. Condition after implantation of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt. Symptomatic epilepsy. Convergent concomitant strabismus. Atopic dermatitis. Second degree prematurely born baby.

This is the case of a male child born prematurely – 2nd degree with hydrocephalus diagnosed prenatally. At the age of 2 months he had a liquor drainage surgery with implantation of a VP-shunt. He is delayed with reference to all indicators of the physical and neuro-psychic development. Nasogastric-tube feeding is applied due to missing nutritional reflexes.

This is a child with hypertensive – hydrocephalic syndrome. Liquor draining surgery has been done. The child was fed by way of nasogastric-tube until the age of 1 year and 8-9 months; after that he was taught to eat with a spoon. The child has visual and hearing perceptions. He is unable to control his head. He is unable to flip from back to front or to sit. He is delayed in his physical and neuro-psychic development – speech and motor skills.

He reacts when spoken to and when touched and smiles.

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