One year ago, Asher left his orphanage gates for the first and very last time.

From lost to loved, Asher has thrived and grown, and has taken on every challenge before him with the utmost joy and enthusiasm.

He is the most joyful soul. He is enthusiasm personified. He is capable, strong, and captivating. He is so loved.

When we adopted Asher, we met many of the other children at his orphanage, and for most of them, no one was coming.

Time passed by and we continued to look for kids from his orphanage to be listed as available for adoption.

Finally, little Bailey was listed on Reece’s Rainbow! And even more exciting, was that a family quickly stepped up and committed to making her their daughter.

This family is working hard on their home study, and pouring themselves in to fundraising to get their sweet daughter home.

Asher is turning THREE years old on June 5! He’s going to the lake, hes going for ice-cream, he will have cake and presents, and friends and family that love him.

We want to help make that a reality for little Bailey.

In honor of Asher’s third birthday would you consider making a donation to Bailey’s adoption?

It takes a village, friends. Let’s step up and be Bailey’s village ❤

$311.18 has been donated in honor of Asher`s 3rd birthday!

**All donations are tax deductible**

A list of donors will be provided to Asher’s family. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email




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