Ivey, born 2015

Listed: May 2019
Diagnosis: Turner Syndrome

Ivey currently lives in a group home for children with special needs and there are no other children her age in the home. She has delays in all aspects of her development. She was born with a heart condition that was surgically corrected. She still takes heart medication and sees the cardiologist for check-ups.

She is also currently on a dairy free diet. The doctor has indicated that milk and dairy products should be slowly reintroduced to observe her tolerance level. An optomologist diagnosed her with a vision impairment, but she does not have glasses or any corrective measures at this time.
Ivey can sit up, pull to a stand and walk around her crib holding on to support. She interacts with toys, but doesn’t know how to play with them appropriately due to lack of instruction. She says a couple of short words and babbles/makes sounds. She makes eye contact, tracks with her eyes, and will interact with a mirror and other toys that interest her.

*** Ivey has received a $2,000 Grant! ***




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