ANTONIO for the Rogers family — NC

Adam and Kimberly Rogers met as teenagers and became great friends who fell in love. We have been married for almost 17 years now. Adam is an associate pastor and a Kimberly is a stay at home mom. We have three daughters; Taleah, Haleigh, and Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn was born just a couple weeks after our nephew Nathan was born. Little Nathan was born with Down syndrome and would set all our families on a new and exciting journey. We have seen the struggle and the beauty of adoption. We have grieved that these precious children are abandon because of Down syndrome. Kimberly has wanted to race to adopt one of these waiting children since she learned about special needs adoption, but Adam was a bit more hesitant.

Finally the day came that Kimberly had been praying for; the day Adam seen his son. It was a little boy with blonde hair and big blue almond shaped eyes.  It was also a child his sister had set out to adopt but he knew in his heart this child was meant to be his son. He made a phone call one evening and boldly declared this was meant to be his son. He proceeded to present a sensitive, heart felt request that he and Kimberly be allowed to pursue the adoption of this special little boy. It has been a beautiful experience full of love. This is our first adoption but we are surrounded by family who support us on taking this journey. We are SO incredibly excited that we will have our first son through adoption.

We know God had a specific time to give us a son as we had always prayed for a little boy. Our prayers have been answered and we are racing to bring him home as quickly as possible. We hope you will consider coming along side us and helping get this precious little boy home.

4/18/2019 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

$20.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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