MABEL for the Strasser family — OR

Nick and Joy will celebrate their 10 year anniversary this year. Their desire to grow their family through adoption started 3 years ago after their 4th child was born. They spent time researching different adoption agencies and became foster parents to over a dozen children from social services. During this time their hearts were struck by how compassionate their children were to those with special needs and the pull they had to grow their family in this way. Joy then reached out to an adoptive mom from her church who then introduced her to Reece’s Rainbow. She told Joy there was one little girl whom her heart has longed to find a family. It was the same girl Joy and Nick had already inquired about and felt so inexplicably drawn to. All the questions over the years of what God was wanting them to do were starting to be answered! Now they are waiting for their invitation to pick up their daughter and bring her home.

5/13/2019 — FINAL TRIP in JUNE

$215.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Mabel has received a $2000 country specific grant.