A CHILD for the Simpson Family — WA

The Simpsons are a large blended family that includes his, hers, and their two long term foster children. Joe and Jessica have been married since 2012 and since that time have been very dedicated to their family!

After several years of trying to have a child together and many losses, the Simpsons realized that their path towards more children in their lives would be a different one.

The Simpsons family live in Eastern Washington where Joe and Jessica have been tribal foster parents for Joe’s tribe for almost four years. They have had over a dozen children and their home and have learned so much about various special needs and the effects trauma can have on children.

Joe is the business manager for the IT department for his tribe’s government. Jessica’s main priorities are taking care of their home focusing on the individual needs of the children in their home. She has also worked several jobs involving foster children including her current one where she provides support to older Foster youth with special behavioral needs.

They became aware of a child on Reece’s Rainbow through the MACC program and their hope is to add one last child to their family. They are working very hard towards bringing this special child home!

3/12/2019 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

$194.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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