“ihaveawarrior”Girl, born 2015
Down syndrome, anal atresia, post-operative of sigmoidostomy

Listed: Feb 2019

Sweet little Naomi is two years old. Naomi is described by her caregivers as cute, chubby and fair-skinned. She is full of energy and in August she was crawling everywhere and pulling to stand. Whenever her nannies call her name, she will crawl quickly to them and hold her arms out to be picked up. She loves being held. Naomi also loves playing with toys and with her little friends. She is fond of music and will rock her body to the rhythm. She is not shy around strangers and has a ready smile.

Naomi entered the care of the orphanage at just two days old. Soon after she was sent for surgery due to anal atresia. A sigmoid colostomy was done at that time. We are waiting for an update on Naomi to find out if the colostomy has since been reversed. When Naomi was 5 months old it was confirmed that she has a congenital heart disease (minor PFO). She is also suspected to have Down syndrome due to her facial features.

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