Boy, born 2015
Down syndrome

Listed: Feb 2019

Keven’s caretakers describe him as friendly, playful and affectionate. His file states a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome. According to his last report in April of 2018, Keven is attending Kindergarten and loves it! He listens to his teacher, follows directions and always pushes in his chair when he leaves his desk. We are told by his caretakers that he rarely speaks, but he understands and follows simple instructions. Keven enjoys playing outdoors and gets along well with other children. His file states that he has a good appetite and does not have any trouble eating.  The agency is happy to share more information about Keven with interested families.

Keven’s agency has a $5000 grant, available to families who qualify, to assist with the cost of this adoption.

$25.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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