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Annie #

Girl: 2005

Listed: Feb 2019

Diagnosis – Chronic viral Hepatitis B without Delta agent.

Annie was placed with the same foster family since age 4. She is presently in 7th grade. She is doing well in school. She goes regularly to school and likes it there. She is reading and writing very well. Her grades in school are average. Her favorite subjects in school are Arts, Music, Sport and Bulgarian language and literature. She is very polite, social and open girl.

She is a great child – very charming and beautiful and at the same time smart and very nice child without any signs of initialization  or emotional deficit.  She wants to be adopted very much and I hope that a family for her could be found no matter of her age.

*** I am eligible for a $2,000 Grant! ***This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding.

For more information on this child, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org