Tina #

Girl: 2017

Listed: Jan 2019

Special needs:  Down syndrome. Congenital cardiac malformation – Tetralogy of Fallot. State after surgery treatment of congenital cardiac malformation. Greatly delays in physical and neuro-psychic development.

She is extremely sweet and charming little baby girl. She needs more time to get to use to new people. When she expresses her emotions she usually makes sounds and syllables. She makes eye contact. She reacts to people, but quickly gets tired and shifts her sight away. She usually moves into the space by turning from back to stomach. She is able to hold upright her head. In general this is her way to move around, she cannot crawl. She turns around but usually she is more apathetic (the staff thinks that this is mainly due to her heart condition). She holds a toy put into her hand and when she drops some toys she is looking for it.

This precious little girl deserves attention and love, as every child of course, but she definitely shows much more necessity for cuddling. She is infant baby with diseases, which need special cares and monitoring and once she has her own forever family soon, she will make a big progress!!!!

*** Tina has received a $2,000 Grant! ***

This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding.