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Ashley #



Girl: 2013

Listed: Jan. 2019
Diagnosis: Dandy Walker; Congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Ashley was severely neglected by her birth family for the first 3 years of her life. The doctor responsible for her care at the Baby Home indicated that once she was removed from the family, she began making progress by first learning to walk and then developing new skills. They have seen a great increase in skills over the past few months and believe she has a lot of potential.. She attends a preschool class at the orphanage.

According to the doctor at the orphanage, the Dandy Walker Syndrome diagnosis has not been proven and no changes have been found in the brain and the eyes of the child.

Ashley walks, runs, and climbs up/down stairs. She can build a tower of cubes, put circles on a pin and push the right buttons of a busy box.

Ashley is very curious; she will initiate contact with an adult or other child first. She does not isolating herself from the other children, but she prefers to be on the periphery of the game and not in the center. Ashley attends preschool preparatory group within the Baby Home. In the group, she appears as an active, open child with a positive character.

Ashley understands, what is required of her, but not always implemented the task. She reacts to her name and performs simple task at her will. The child is making sounds and pronounces syllables, for now. A

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