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Dominik #

Boy: 2017

Listed: Jan 2019

Diagnosis: Down syndrome; heart condition-surgically repaired; pancreas annulare

Dominik was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome, pancreas annulare with malrotated intestines. He underwent further testing, which found multiple heart defects. His heart was surgically repaired when he was 5 months old. The pancreas annulare is not causing any health issues at this time.

Dominik can roll over from back to belly and is beginning to attempt to crawl. He can sit unassisted and has recently started bearing weight on his feet. He reacts to sound and follows toys with his eyes and by turning his head. He’s beginning to babble and make sounds. He laughs and cries to show emotion. He likes rattles, toys that play music/make noise, and fabric that makes a crinkle sound. He will reach for toys, pick them up or take them from someone offering them to him and explore them by shaking them, bringing them to his mouth, etc.

Medical report and videos available through the agency.

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