Girl, born April 2012

Cerebral palsy

Listed: Dec 2018

Kristy is a cheerful and lovable little girl. She has a deep connection to her caregiver and her face lights up with joy when her caregiver is around. Kristy enjoys snuggling and working on walking using either her walker or the parallel bars with her teacher. It is expected that one day she will become independent with walking using the support of her walker. She is diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Kristy has moderate hearing loss and has a hearing aid to help her hear. Kristy does have some sensory issues which means she has difficulty keeping her hearing aid on for an extended period of time. Her teachers and caregivers work with her on keeping them on and helping her engage in fun activities. Kristy attends an onsite special school where she participates in circle time, sensory play, and individualized instruction. She also receives physio therapy 5 days a week. Kristy loves playing with scarves and waving them in the air to music. She also loves water play with the other kids in the house and laughs hysterically when splashing in the water.

Kristy would make a valuable addition to a family as she has so much love and affection to share with others.

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