Boy, born 2004

updated medical Dec 18: spina bifida with tethered cord

Kipp is a sweet, caring, helpful, and active 14-year-old boy. He has a willingness to help others and enjoys having attention from anyone. When one of our volunteers met him, he grabbed her hand and led her to see his artwork.

Listed: Dec 2018

He has many interests and loves being outdoors. He has a strong interest in soccer, sports cars, and dogs. Kipp does well as part of a family and enjoys helping with cooking and cleaning. He loves to watch tv and play games of all sorts.
Kipp hasn’t been diagnosed but has some physical limitations, but does a great job keeping up with the other kids. His feet turn in and have somewhat of a limp. He wears pull-ups and needs reminders to take care of his personal hygiene but does a great job when he has a caring and consistent adult around.

We are desperate to find him a family. He’s been hosted many seasons through Host Ukraine and will be available again this winter. Every time he says goodbye to his host family at the airport it breaks our hearts.

Kipp deserves a forever family and needs one to step up soon. He will be the greatest addition to any family. Please don’t miss out on this precious boy!

$171.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!