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Donnie #

Boy: 2016

Diagnosis:Cerebral Palsy and severe mental delays.

Donnie has been in foster care since he was one week old. He has slow physical development: sits independently, crawls, pulls to a stand, “cruises”, takes steps holding someone’s hands and can stand and balance for short periods of time. He had a traumatic experience related to food: Shortly after solid food was introduced, he had a bad choking episode. Since then, he’s afraid of food. He drinks from a bottle and needs to watch the bottle being prepared.  He has no expressive language at this time. He will look when his name is called, but does not react or respond to simple directions or other verbal interactions. He interacts with toys, makes eye contact, and distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar adults. He has been receiving therapy since April 2018 for his delays and CP.

Donations will not be accepted until a family is found for him.