Boy, born 2012

Listed: Oct. 2018

Diagnosis: remission after brain tumor; VP shunt; epilepsy

Ryan has no mental issues. His memory, thinking and intellect are normal for the age. He has very good communication skills; communicates easily entering into dialogue; telling his experiences, can define in words how his body feels. Among the children, he feels comfortable, looking for contact with his peers. Ryan’s games varied – typical boyish type, calm and connected with movement. He plays with a variety of toys – with keys, buttons, sound and light effects, musical etc. The child enters role in the story game. His current interests are aimed at police and fire trucks and accessories related to these items. He has good self-service skills. He eats clean, serves with a spoon and fork. He can dress and undressed by himself, puts and takes off his shoes. Controls and communicates his physiological needs, he is potty trained. His day and night sleep is calm and he falls asleep easily.

When Ryan was 2, a tumor was surgically removed from his brain. He went through chemotherapy procedures. Ryan has been experiencing a number of other physical problems, like changing the VPS 3 times because of the chemotherapy, Ataxi (lack of coordination during walking), Epilepsy symptoms and Strabismus. He is in a stabilized general condition, but needs constant specialized care and actively monitoring of his health. He is receiving physical stimulation and other supports and has made good progress. Ryan can walk with minimal support and his fine motor skills are improving as well.

Ryan is a calm and pleasant child.  He is well attached to his caregivers and responds well to them.

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