Boy, born 2015
Down syndrome

Listed: Oct 2018

JP is a happy, chunky little dude … he has a very inquisitive personality – always wanting to see and be a part of what’s going on! When you come in the door, JP would be the first one to smile big, wave his hands, and giggle nonstop. It’s always play time for JP! When he attended a “baby class” his favorite thing to do was be buried in the ball pit, then jump up and scream! He would play in that ball pit all day if he could! JP also loves music… dancing and wiggling around, sometimes trying to make sounds along with the words. If he was ever upset, his caregiver would turn on his favorite songs and he’d be back to his happy self in no time – smiling and laughing. In July, JP was beginning to take his first steps independently and had become very comfortable walking around the room holding the wall/someone’s hand. He had also started to try and spoon feed himself a few bites of meals, however he would quickly give in and let the caregiver feed him so he could get food faster.

$945.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!