We are so excited to celebrate Ruby’s sixth birthday, her first birthday HOME!!!

We were so blessed throughout our adoption of Ruby, from first seeing her on Reece’s Rainbow to the many generous donations given through our fsp!

I remember during the process one thing (besides getting her Home) I looked most forward to was helping others bring their children home! So here we are, nearly a year later and we want to help Reece’s Rainbow continue their mission and help other families bring their sweet babes home!

Want to join in with us? Perfect, in honor of Ruby’s big day, please donate here … to help encourage another family and help show a child how worthy they are to have a family of their own! ♥️

$25.00 has been donated in honor of Ruby turning 6 years old!

A list of donors will be provided to Ruby’s family. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email Michelle@ReecesRainbow.org