Hope #

Girl:   2012

Listed: Sep/2018

Special needs: low birth weight (2nd degree of prematurity); infantile cerebral palsy – severe spastic quadriparesis; adenoid vegetation – condition after surgery; left kidney – drainage disturbances at the level of the pelvis; Right kidney – 2nd degree hydronephrosis; tumor formation was noticed dorsally at the basis of the neck; Ultrasound data: tumor formation – non-homogenous formation of fat density; most likely a lipoma r.suprascapularis; atheroma; convergent concomitant strabismus; delayed neuro-psychological development; significantly delayed psychomotor development; severe mental delay.

Hope makes steps when an adult holds her by both hands. She can move with a walker. Hope grabs and holds objects and demonstrates a grasp with a partially opposing thumb. She reaches an interesting object and examines it. Hope is a calm child and does not cry without a reason. She reacts positively to gestures – she smiles and rejoices. No aggression or self-aggression is observed. Hoe is showing more and more interest in interaction and engagement with toys. She listens to children’s songs and watches cartoons. Hope prefers to be among children and adults and would sometimes protest when she is alone.

Donations will not be accepted until a family is found for her.