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Boy, born 2006

Listed: September 2018

Hudson is a great kid who is all boy. He spent about two years in the local orphanage, where he was taken care of by a blind couple who worked at the orphanage, before being moved to a group home with other children who also have HIV. Hudson is described as an active and talkative boy who likes to play games with his peers. He is sometimes impatient, but gets along well with other children and communicates easily with adults. He is close to three specific staff members at the group home. Though it’s not his favorite thing to do, Hudson does attend school where he is in 4th grade and his academic performance is average. His gross and fine motor skills are all normal- he can run, jump on one foot, catch a ball, and use chop sticks. Hudson enjoys playing with toys, listening to music, and playing video games. He is said to have a passion for computers and video games. The staff members say that if he is given the right supports and a chance, he could have a good chance to make big achievements in this field. Hudson is also a nature lover and enjoys being outdoors. He is very observant. Hudson is a little afraid of water and heights. Hudson’s care center hopes he can find a loving family who will love him for who he is, help him with his education, encourage him to pursue his passion, and give him the attention that only a forever family can.

There is a $1,000 agency grant for Hudson’s adoption with a specific agency.

$9.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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