Boy, born Oct 2006

Listed: September 2018

Several new pics available!!

Update 2019: Hudson is outgoing and actively interacting with people. He does not exclude communicating with strangers. He likes to play mobile games, with weak self-control.

He listens to other people’s opinions and is willing to express his own ideas. However, he is accustomed to using doubtful language in verbal communication with a tough tone, which may lead to conflicts with others. Occasionally, he loses self-control over his emotions.  At present, his habits have been improved and personal hygiene habits have been established and maintained.

Hudson graduated from an elementary school in June of 2019.  However, due to poor foundation, his actual learning ability is about at the third grade level. At present, his teachers have worked out a study plan for Hudson to help him complete basic learning and to master Pinyin and basic mathematical operations skillfully.

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