Girl, born 2013
Down syndrome, congenital heart disease (VSD and PDA)

Listed: August 2018

Ayla is a beautiful little girl! Her file also mentions an umbilical hernia and pigeon chest/rib exstrophy briefly. Ayla joined a foster family in 2015 and is well loved by her foster family. She can walk unsupported and get dressed and undressed by herself, choosing her outfit because she likes to look pretty. She can count on her fingers and point to her nose and mouth if asked. She likes to dance with her foster sister too. Ayla can eat with a spoon by herself. She knows how to help do housework, picking up toys and putting them in the basket, helping put trash in the trash can, and dishes in the sink. She is fond of playing with other children. Ayla really enjoys books and being read to. When she was younger, she would point to the pictures in the book and babble, as if she was reading. She would sometimes even take the book and ‘read’ by herself. Ayla has really matured and shown a lot of growth since entering her foster home. She will clap her hands when being praised. Ayla uses single words and sometimes combines a couple words. Although her language skills are delayed, she understands what adults are saying and she is very interactive and good at imitating. Her foster mother describes her as cute, smart, active, and helpful. Ayla is being well prepared for life in a family, but is desperately in need of a family that will be hers forever. Could that family be yours?

Videos available, as well:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Ayla’s adoption with her current adoption agency.

2,069.81 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!