Boy, born 2017
Down syndrome

Listed: August 2018

Davi is an adorable baby boy, born in August of 2017, who is described his caretakers as quiet and lovely. Davi was born with down syndrome and congenital heart disease- VSD and ASD. He was weak as an infant because of the CHD, but received surgery to repair the ASD and VSD in March. A lot of improvement was seen after surgery. Davi has good physical development and flexible limbs. He can grasp and hold toys, raise and control his head, turn over freely, and sit with support. Davi is a smiley little guy who likes music and is curious about his toys. He can stretch out his hands to reach for toys ahead of him when he is sitting supported. He will also raise both of his hands to grab the toy hanging above him when he is lying on his back. Davi is good at tracking objects and people and can hear well. He will turn his head to the source of sound and when his name is called. Davi interacts well with familiar people. In fact, he loves spending time interacting with his caretaker more than anything else and will smile happily when teased. Who will be the lucky family to bring this sweetheart home while he’s still so young?

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