Who once was a sick baby girl, abandoned at birth due to a diagnosis of Down syndrome and major heart defect, laying in a crib wasting away at an orphanage… is now our BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, HAPPY daughter!

Our little blessing, Kenzie, is turning 3, and we want to help other families get to their blessings too!! In honor of Kenzie’s birthday, we are encouraging donations instead of birthday gifts!

Kenzie has all that she needs…  A FAMILY!

The world can be cruel and ignorant, not knowing what a blessing a child with Down syndrome can be. As a family we want nothing more than for other orphans to be adopted and given a chance at life. Help us spread adoption awareness and raise funds to bring home another orphan!!!


*** All donations are tax deductible

In 2019, $485 was donated to the Barratt family, in honor of Kenzie turning 3!

In 2018, $1330 was donated in honor of Kenzie’s 2nd birthday!  Those donations were gifted to the Chudzik family!

A list of donors will be provided to Kenzie’s family. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email Michelle@ReecesRainbow.org