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Asher and Emerik #

Asher: 2009 & Emerik: 2003

Listed: July 2018

Asher has pulmonary valve stenosis. He is monitored by a cardiologist.
He attends school, where his favorite class is reading. He enjoys playing outside with his friends. He is described as being very social. He enjoys sports and dreams of being a soccer player.

Emerik does not have any special needs.  He enjoys sports, music, watching TV and playing on the computer. He works hard in school, but is behind academically. His social worker attributes this to a lack of education in his early life with his birth family. He is described as shyer than his brother and as a result, it takes him longer to make friends. When asked what he wished for, he said a bike and that he’d like it to be red or black.

Photos and videos are available through the agency

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