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Calvin and Florence #

Calvin; age 4 & Florence; age: 9

CALVIN is a healthy and active 4 year old. He walks, runs, jumps, and plays at a level appropriate for his age. He is described as outgoing and friendly. He’s currently attending kindergarten. His language skills have improved since starting school and he now speaks in short sentences. He has a group of friends at the kindergarten and willingly joins group games although he does not always comprehend the rules. He struggles with memorization and finishing tasks on his own but can complete them when he receives assistance. Calvin understands right from wrong, shows good manners, and likes to demonstrate his skills to others. He enjoys drawing, constructing with Legos, listening to music and watching cartoons. He takes good care of his personal belongings and is independent with regard to self-service and personal hygiene skills.
FLORENCE is a 9 years old girl, in good health. She has been diagnosed with mild mental disabilities. In school, she enjoys music and fine arts. She likes to sing short phrases from a song and to hum. She has some difficulty asking and answering questions and voicing her opinion. She is a compassionate girl who enjoys painting, coloring, listening to music, and spending time with her best friends. She likes to play with a ball. She can throw it, but it is a little bit harder for her to catch it. She is independent in her self-service skills and independently maintains good personal hygiene and a neat appearance.


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