Girl, born 2007
S.E. Asia
Down syndrome, Hepatitis B

Listed: June 2018

This 11 year old girl enjoys music, dancing, and drawing! She is described as helpful and often helps with the younger children in the care center by changing diapers and helping with mealtime. She came into care at 7 years old and birth history is unknown. Lainey attends an intervention class for Down’s syndrome children at her institution and then a 1st grade class three afternoons a week in the community. Educationally she is able to write and recognize alphabet letters, copy words, knows numbers up to 50, do simple addition, and is said to have beautiful handwriting. She understands most of what people say and has age appropriate motor skills. Lainey likes to wear dresses and loves anything that makes her look beautiful. She needs a loving prospective adoptive family that is knowledgeable about Down syndrome and can provide her with excellent access to therapies and education.

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