Boy, born 2007
S.E. Asia
Down syndrome

Listed: June 2018

This older boy loves to be the center of attention and likes to be close to his teacher. He is diagnosed with Down syndrome. He is noted to have good gross motor skills and can ride a tricycle, run, climb, use utensils to eat, throw a ball, and stand on one foot. He has also learned to dress himself without assistance but is still learning additional self-help skills. He enjoys dancing, coloring, playing with dolls, and watching cartoons.  Sylvan has one close friend at his care center but does need additional assistance in social skills and learning to share toys. He currently attends a special education class at his care center and is reported to have a good attention span. His teacher notes that he can follow simple one-step instructions and remembers the names of most of his friends. He can say a few simple words and communicates with gestures.  This older boy would do best as the youngest in a family. He needs a prospective adoptive family familiar with Down syndrome who can provide excellent access to therapies and special education.

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