Boy, born 2015
Down syndrome

South Asia – Pacific

Listed:  June 2018

I wish we could share his picture — Lincoln has big brown eyes and the most adorable little ears!

Adorable Lincoln was born with Down Syndrome and was also diagnosed as having global developmental delay and bilateral undescended testes. He started physical and occupational therapy in July of 2016 and is still receiving therapy at this time. Lincoln is capable of following simple instructions and can use his fingers when sorting small objects, such as beads and marbles. He likes music and dancing and can imitate action songs. He will, at times, try to speak by babbling and he communicates by pointing out to things or people. He says “ma” whenever he sees a caregiver.

*Photos are available for seriously interested families. Lincoln is from a small Asian country. Per his country’s regulations, pictures and videos can only be shared with seriously interested families directly and are not allowed to be shared publicly. Lincoln’s file is listed with multiple agencies with a sending program from this country and approval is dependent on the head of adoption in this particular country.