Boy: 2009

Listed: 6/2018

Special needs: 1st degree of prematurity; dilatation of the rectum; allergic to cow’s milk protein; expressive language disorder; delayed neuro-psychological development; mild to moderate mental delay (according to the information published by the MOJ)

Evian is very active and agile. Well – developed motor skills for his age.

Evian’s emotional tone is positive. He presents as radiant and loving. He is able to express different emotions through facial expressions.

Evian follows verbal instructions, related to his everyday activities.

His passive and active vocabulary are getting improved. He is already able to say a few words. He strives to use words when answering questions.

He can glue figures, solve 6-parts puzzles and build towers and houses. Evian loves building with constructor and listening to music. Evian knows the basic colors – red, yellow and green.  His independence is also increasing through encouragement of the independent activities – dressing, undressing, putting on and off his shoes, tiding his toys, working materials, etc.


Donations can not be accepted until a family is found for him