Girl, born 2012
Cerebral Palsy or SMA

Listed: May 2018

Lainey is a beautiful and special little girl, born in August of 2012. She is thoughtful, talkative, and adored by her caretakers at Alenah’s Home. Lainey likes to listen to music, paint, and spend time with her friends. She has a beautiful smile that just warms your heart and a light about her that makes you just want to love her! Lainey loves dolls, especially Anna and Elsa from Frozen. She also likes story books and will let the volunteers read a story for her. Her language development is excellent and she enjoys conversing with others and especially asking ‘Why?’ Lainey can use her arms much more than her legs right now. She can use a cup to drink water or milk, and she can stack blocks. Lainey can sit with support, but cannot walk, as she was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy (weak lower limbs only).

There is a strong possibility that Lainey actually has SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), which is a genetic disease which affects the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord. There are different types of SMA and a lot of research is being done in this area. There is a new drug called Nusinersen being used in clinical trials that is showing promise to treat some patients with SMA. We hope Lainey will soon find a loving who will help her get the medical care she needs.

$301.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!