Boy, born 2014

Listed: May 2018

Georgie was transferred to his current home in April 2018. He had experienced neglect and under-stimulation in his previous orphanage but already his development is progressing and we look forward to seeing Georgie learn and explore the world. Georgie is functionally blind and has very little light perception. He has been doing so well in his transition into this new chapter of life. Everyday we are more captivated by his bubbly, sweet, gentle disposition.

Georgie is rapidly changing and developing. He is learning how to scoot around, bear weight, and explore with his hands. He had no experience in his previous home with self feeding, but already is making great progress and is self feeding with minimal support. He had no English exposure previously, but in just a month his English understanding is already developing and he responds to several commands. He is weak, but gaining strength. He can pull up to a stand using a surface for support.

Georgie loves making silly noises and often vocalizes silly babbles, finds interesting surfaces to tap on, or picks things up and throws them to hear their clatter. Georgie is very social. He loves to be held and swung around. He sometimes whimpers when he is put down and communicates non-verbally that he wants to be held. He mimics sounds others make and often bursts with excited laughter when playing with other adults and children. We are so excited to see him begin to hit the milestones he is already working towards.


UPDATE NOV 2018:  Georgie is totally blind. It has been confirmed that he has no light perception, Leber’s is suspected. Georgie can now crawl, walk independently, climb up and down stairs (with a railing), and balance on a balance board. He self-feeds. He is good at predicting parts of a routine. His language, both receptive and expressive, is growing steadily. He can respond to various commands in English such as “Come”, “Clap”, “Spin”, and “Touch your head”. He will follow sounds and voices and will seek them out when it’s a preferred person/object. He is showing an increased ability to self-entertain and will seek out toys in his environment. He loves to repeat songs and commonly heard phrases. He likes to interact with others through playing echoing games and will giggle and laugh when playing. Georgie has a relaxed, easy-going personality. He also loves to be silly and will find reasons to laugh. Some of his favorite activities are playing in water, swinging, and playing catch. He is social and loves to be held and cuddled.

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